Mosster Studio experiments
with art, design and technology to create whole experiences that invites you to question the ways of the world.

An architectural light installation

Mosster Artist

School Collaboration

Exploring digital art with light projections and sensor with kids

Laser Maze and Forest

Laser installations combining art, beauty, physics and science

Invisible Light Garden

A Magical and dark space,

to discover and contemplate


A unique pop-up kids installation that combines the playfulness of art, design and technology

Augmented Reality Playground

An exploration on Art and Free Play and the interaction with others

Waking spooky friends with our installation at East Melbourne Library

Spooky Halloween


Going crazy with conductivity

Kibo Robo

Being Robots

Hello World
Guided Experience

A tactile way of learning

Hello World

A Tactile Storytelling experience

Light Forest

A living projection mapping installation in the streets of Melbourne

Handmade Digital Toys

How we made the papery tangible look of our music digital toys

Let’s Music!

Little mystery details of our musical toys

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