Walking Through A Songline

Immersive Light Installation
Commissioned by National Museum of Australia,As part of the Songlines Tracking the Seven sisters Exhibition.
September 2017 - February 2018

'Walking Through a Songline' is an immersive light installation where visitors make their way through projections that create a representation of what a Songline is: one of many paths that cross Australia. Paths made from a union between geographic space, cultural storytelling and identity from Australian Aboriginals and their world views.

Commissioned by the National Museum of Australia as part of the Aboriginal - led exhibition 'Songlines: Tracking The Seven Sisters', it is an honouring celebration and welcoming experience, that gives visitors the feeling of walking through songlines themselves.

We invite visitors to enter a space and pause to fully immerse as if they were taking a journey across different parts of Australia, some realistic, others shaped by ancient stories of the Seven Sisters Songline.

Award winner at the Beijing Design Week in 2018 for “Most Popular Media Art Installation”

'The Seven Sisters story is a saga of mythological dimensions and meanings. It is a journey along the Ancestral routes of the sisters as they flee across Australian deserts, pursued relentlessly by a sorcerer. It is an epic tale of tragedy and comedy, obsession and trickery, desire and loss, solidarity and sorrow — a universal drama played out in the night sky by Orion and the Pleiades, and a terrestrial creation story in which the land has a starring role.' National Museum of Australia

"It is simply stunning and was so popular in Australia; it won the Best Exhibition of the year in 2018".

The Exhibition

'Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters' is an Aboriginal-led exhibition that takes visitors on a journey along the epic Seven Sisters Dreaming tracks, through art, Indigenous voices, innovative multimedia and other immersive displays. More than 100 artists are represented in Songlines.

The exhibition was previously on show at the National Museum of Australia, 15 September 2017 to 28 February 2018.

It is a compelling exhibition in scale and complexity, conveying an Indigenous founding narrative by using Indigenous ways of passing on knowledge. It is rich with Aboriginal voices and tangible expressions of the songlines —featuring more than 100 paintings, sculptures and ceramics, as well as state-of-the-art multimedia."

Just like the old people, we are dreaming. We have a new dream with technology. We're using the newest technology with the oldest culture" Curtis Taylor, 2010

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