The Queen's
Croquet Ground

Interactive Installation
Commissioned by The Australian Centre for the Moving Image ACMIAs part of the Wonderland exhibition.
April - October 2018 at ACMI
Touring exhibition

For the world premiere of the Wonderland exhibition at ACMI, Mosster was commissioned to design an engaging activity area for visitors of all ages.

The Queen's Croquet Ground is an interactive installation inspired by the original illustrations of Alice in Wonderland by Sir John Tenniel.

Visitors are immersed in this space, becoming creators and also a part of Wonderland, seeing their artwork take a life of its own.

A beautiful set of stickers awaits visitors and, after some time creating a nonsensical collage for their card soldier, they scan the image and take a headshot photo of themselves.

A card soldier is generated in real-time using the photos just taken, and emerges onto a large projection, where it proceeds to paint the roses white or red.

After the visit, visitors can download their soldier from the official website to share with their friends while learning more about the exhibition.

Digital tools can give old stories new and diverse afterlives. In this case, the use of technology is allowing people to become creative while playfully participating and becoming themselves a part of Wonderland.

"The Queen’s Croquet Ground in our Wonderland Exhibition is one of the most successful activities we have developed for an exhibition at ACMI.

Mosster understand people and because of this, they are able to develop and deliver experiences that appeal to visitors of all ages."