Going crazy with conductivity

Tactile Play Guided Experience
2016, Melbourne, Australia

Conduc-What was a collaborative creation where the kids had to think constructively and learn to test ideas, while experiencing the beauty of working together towards a common goal

And what better way to learn about conductivity than to create a musical instrument out of fruits and vegetables, and playing with it!

They were banging that capsicum so hard, we had to buy more! The fruits and veggies were connected to a simple game application we created that then played music and sounds on a computer. You should’ve seen their faces.. the kids, not the fruits.

The game application then turns itself into a city that lost its power! To get light back in the city, a simple game was set up. The kids had to think really hard to figure out how to connect different objects that were hung all around a room. These objects had to be connected to bring light back on.

The best compliment from one of our kids at the workshop was..

“This is hard!”

Conductive and non-conductive playdough, wires, paper clips, paper, pencils, foil and all kinds of materials were presented to the children to create. And presto - the lights came back on for the city! What a happy bunch of children. And we were happy to see big smiles on their faces.