Augmented Reality Playground

An exploration on Art and Free Play and the interaction with others

Interactive Installation Guided Experience
2016, Melbourne, Australia

AR is no longer just a form of entertainment, but rather a powerful tool for creativity and play in the context of art and self expression

Muralit - Interactive Digital Installation

Any wall becomes a mural of bright colors and textures, this interactive installation brings participants together to co-create while generating a great atmosphere that stimulates creativity.People experience the enjoyment of painting as a creative collective or as a solo artist.When inviting a skilled artist, the activation turns into an interactive performance piece.

Musical Blocks - Interactive Digital Installation

Building blocks are used to create some playful musical tunes. Each block has a different sound when placed in it’s correct spot, and once the blocks are all in a line, a tune can be heard.

Tumbling bricks - Interactive Digital Installation

Colourful tumbling bricks, are projected onto a blank wall to create an interactive experience. Visitors are invited to participate moving physical cardboard boxes around and pushing the virtual tumbling bricks out of the way. The participants, are encouraged to socially engage with other users, use physical full-body movement to action a desired outcome.

Pinball - Interactive Digital Installation

As an exploration on play and creativity, this is an immersive and interactive puzzle-like experience of striking visuals projected on a wall. Visitors take on their hands simple cardboard cubes and move them around to accomplish a specific goal, participants realize the need of working as a team and get together to exercise their creative problem solving skills and have a lot of fun!