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Tachin Tachan

A group of five quirky musicians get together to jam with us!

Tachin Tachan motivates kids to explore musical sounds by using iPhones and iPads in different ways, encouraging more physical movements and interactions than just tapping the screen.

Each of the five musicians plays his music with your kid’s help when they shake, stretch, blow, and clap on the musicians

Try them all out differently and mix them with real instruments for some musical fun!



– Designed for toddlers but enjoyable for kids 2+ as well

– Handmade, inspiring and fun characters design

– Original music with pleasant and melodic sounds

– No in app purchases or advertising

– Music written musically to play with real instruments

– Intuitive play

– Easy to play independently or with parents

– Works in iPhone and iPad


Daniel Calvo

Concept, Game Design
and Music

Angela Hernandez

Concept, Art Direction

Karol Guerrero

Visual Concept

Alvaro Leon

Visual Design

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