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PAN! PA! TAN! PAN! PA! TAN! What’s that sound!?

The four Giants coming to the city to bring music and fun for everyone!

They will explore the city and turn everything they find into instruments to play a fun melodic tune.

PanPaTan was designed for little minds to explore musical sounds while using the iPad in a different way.

PanPaTan will definitely get your little ones smiling and dancing along with the Four Giant Siblings.



– 16 musical instruments and 24 possible combinations to play them

– Designed for kids under the age of five

– Handmade, inspiring and fun characters design

– No in app purchases or advertising

– Encourages more involved touch interactions beyond just tapping

– Music written musically to play with real instruments

– Multiplayer for up to four simultaneous players



– Turn off Multitasking Gestures in the iPad’s Settings!

– Some instruments can be used with more than one finger

– Keeping a finger pressed on drums and shakers plays rhythms

– There’s an instrument that spins in circles!
– Try playing slower, it will open up new ways to play

– Tap out a rhythm and have your kids try to repeat it

– Mix with real instruments like shakers or bells, most will work!



Daniel Calvo

Concept, Game Design
and Music

Angela Hernandez

Concept, Art Direction

Karol Guerrero

Visual Concept

Alvaro Leon

Visual Design

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