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The popular children’s lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is played accompanied by our sweet and charming Mosster giant girl.

In PanPaShake, kids play the song by shaking the device, playing one note at a time allowing them to control the speed of the song.

The more notes played in a row, the more music instruments play. Try to get the trumpet playing!



– Designed for toddlers but enjoyable for kids 2+ as well

– Handmade, inspiring and fun design

– Intuitive play without goals

– Original music with pleasant and melodic sounds

– Easy to play independently or with parents

– Works in iPhone and iPad

– Free with no in app purchases


Daniel Calvo

Concept, Game Design
and Music

Angela Hernandez

Concept, Art Direction

Karol Guerrero

Visual Concept

Alvaro Leon

Visual Design

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