Light Forest

at Project The Junction festival

This is one of our largest public art installations, it is a magical light forest that covers a whole abandoned house and changes seasons over time.

Digital Placemaking Installation
in collaboration with Project The Junction festival

2016, Melbourne, Australia

We created this installation having in mind a community populated by families with kids and their petitions for more playgrounds and vegetation around the area.

Our Light Forest then acts as celebration of our need for keeping a strong connection with nature even if we live immersed in cities.

The forest animation is not scripted, it is generated in real time and reacts to an invisible wind that is simulated in the computer that generates the projection.

A small model of the house was put together using photos we took of the facades, and we used it to test the projection at our studio.

We were invited to display
it at Project The Junction, a projection festival hosted by Creative Suburbs and the Darebin City Council

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