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Mosster Studio is an art, design and technology studio that has a strong focus in delivering interactive art experiences.
We are artists, designers, programmers and creators who continuously invent new approaches for the exploration of art and technology through workshops, immersive interactive installations and
space interventions.

Our creations encourage viewers to question the ways of the world, we
invite collaboration and experimentation in the context of technology, education and creative industries. Through our work, we aim to inspire design thinking, problem solving skills and guide creativity that fires up a sense
of wonder.

The Mosster Team



Creative & Technical


Puts things together
and plays music by pressing buttons


Angela Hernandez

Experience & Art

Makes sure all we do is amazing and always knows what’s best


We challenge convention

We are here to challenge how technology and art are used as an activation and communication tool.

We believe that your product or service is not what sets you apart. It all comes down to one thing, your consumer experience and how you connect and meet the needs of your consumers on a more personal and deeper level.

With the exploration of technology, art, physical space and people, we create experiential journeys for your organization to engage more personally with your customers, creating relevant conversations.


Our creative practice

We create art experiences, where digital technology

is our matter and tool.


Our experiences provides a base in which people have

room to build over using their own imagination.


We encourage the experience of our installations as part of

a community or group, rather than as an individual.


We love free exploration and re-creation to inspire

happiness and joy, to cultivate further creativity

We are very good at...

Creating immersive experiences. Even our illustration work makes you move. We are storytellers. And we love doing it through art, technology and space.

People love our work. And we love to create for people.




We Create

in So Many


We don’t just create projects, its always a feeling thing for us.


 We love to express our ideas in many ways.

Mosster’s World

We Are Boundless

When it comes to interaction and experience with people

If you are looking for people that

can really bring ideas to life, we

should chat.


Think movement, sound and visual

design. More experiential and

physical environments. That’s the

kind of stuff we love to play with.


We would love to get your feedback

about our work.

We want to know

what you think

Peeps we have worked with

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