Hi, we are

We are an artist duo based in Melbourne

 We are artists, designers and creative technologists and we are here to challenge how technology and art are used  to inspire understanding through a sense of awe, wonder, curiosity and joy. We create art experiences where digital technology is our matter and tool to provide a base where people have room to build over using their own imagination and where they can explore their own creativity.

We love experimentation and continuously invent new approaches for the exploration of art and technology trough workshops, immersive interactive installations and space interventions. Our creations encourage viewers to question the ways of the world and through our work we aim to inspire happiness and joy to cultivate further creativity that fires up a sense of wonder.



Creative & Technical


Puts things together
and plays music by pressing buttons


Angela Hernandez

Experience Designer

& Art Director

Makes sure all we do is amazing and always knows what’s best



We are very good at...

Creating immersive art experiences. Even our illustration work makes you move. We are storytellers. And we love doing it through art, technology and space.

People love our work. And we love to create for people.




We Create

in So Many


We don’t just create projects, its always a feeling thing for us


 We love to express our ideas in many ways

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