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Hello World
Guided Experience

A tactile way of learning

Tactile Play Guided Experience

2016, Melbourne, Australia

We’ve been really busy running workshops this past few weeks for kids. Not many of us have older kids, so it's been nice to have the opportunity to hang out with couple of kids and teach them some new things too.

We had tonnes of fun with the kids creating our own version of The Connected World using pins and multicoloured strings to connect everything together.

Besides just hanging out with older kids, the other focus of running our workshops were to break down how video conferencing works in the most simplest form. We decided that we would make it a more hands on approach activity, where the kids got to play with laminated objects such as servers, networks, cables, islands and people!

Best part was seeing the smile on the kids faces once the Connected World board was finished and got hung up on the wall for all of us to admire. Their feedback? One kid put it really well… It’s a beautiful mess!