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Augmented Reality Playground

An exploration on Art and Free Play and the interaction with others

Interactive Installation Guided Experience

2016, Melbourne, Australia

Our Augmented Reality Playground was set up at our studio as an interactive and hands on guided experience for kids to play and experiment with AR.

AR is no longer just a form of entertainment, but rather a powerful tool for creativity and play in the context of art and self expression

Hand held markers were used to paint Augmented Reality Graffiti all over our studio walls. We drew shapes, made flowers grow, transported ourselves to other worlds. We added fancy hats and hair-do’s to each other and managed to make a super colourful wall of art!

Musical Blocks were used to create some playful musical tunes. Each block had a different sound when placed in it’s correct spot, and once the blocks were all in a line, a tune would be made. The kids had a lot of fun mixing up the sounds, moving the blocks around, piling them on themselves and of course towering them high up into the sky!

Tumbling bricks sounds like a scary thought, but not in AR! Like an awesome 80’s video game, the tumbling blocks fall down on top of each other. (virtually of course!) and the physical building blocks turned into tools to help get those AR blocks to tumble on down and out of the way making way for more blocks to fall. Think bejewelled or tetris! This one is not just for the kids that’s for sure.

AR Pinball, well this one might have to be the favourite, if we could choose one. (We know the kids couldn’t!) We loved watching their little thinking minds tick over to try and get the dropping ball into the porthole on the other side of the projection. It was a tricky task but teamwork prevailed and our kids figured out that if they all held their blocks in unison they could make a bridge for the ball to travel on. Different blocks had different actions which added an extra set of difficulty to the game, but There’s no stopping Mosster kids, they got this one, hole in one!